April 30, 2007


on my late-night drive home last night, i was listening to one of those call-in for advice things on KDWB...and some really rediculous stories were told! one 16 year old girl called in with this love-triangle story about how she was sleeping with her bff's "friend-with-benefits"...ok, how messed up is this? two 16-year old girls messing around with the same guy??? and this girl rationalized the situation by saying the guy didn't want to be in a relationship with her friend, so somehow it was ok. um, yeah - how about this guy has the best deal ever...he's getting action from 2 different girls with no mess of a relationship. and when some girl he does want to date comes along he's a free man to do so. WTF! This girl was so messed up...she was completely thinking with her heart (and some other part of her anatomy_ and not her head. she is choosing to see the situation as she wanted to, not for what it is. but it brought to mind how easy it is to rationalize whatever we want...especially in matters of the heart. how often have we heard (or said ourselves) "yeah, things aren't really great right now with my boyfriend, but they'll get better when..." or "I know he's being a jerk, but I'm sure it's just the stress from his job..." ok, here's the thing - yes, no one is perfect, we all have our downfalls, everyone has a bad day, and you can't throw in the towl at the first sign of turmoil. I have most definitely been there - rationalizing my way through things. but, what i've learned is that you need to be honest with yourself. you need to be aware of your own happiness. you can say or think what you want, and you can rationalize til you're blue in the face...it doesn't change the facts. don't run away, just be realistic.

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Tim said...

Wow, that guy deserves major props...uh I mean that is pretty messed up. :) I used to listen to Loveline and there were always stories like this that would make me cringe.

As for the meaning of your post, yes, you have to be honest with yourself but sometimes it can be very hard to see a relationship for what it is when you're in the middle of it. You may be justifying/rationalizing things without even realizing it. That's where friends come in.