May 2, 2007

seeing clearly

Last week I had Lasik surgery done on both eyes. I really wasn't nervous about the procedure. I think, if anything, I was mostly in a state of shock that I would be able to see and function without glasses or contacts...I coudn't really believe it. It's been a week since the surgery & I still can't believe it. It was so worth my $3600! Right after the surgery I felt like I couldn't open my eyes, they felt gritty, dry, sore, and crusty. It was most comfortable to leave them closed. As I lay on the couch waiting for my dad to serve me lunch I was kicking my feet (something I do when I'm uncomfortable or nervous)...I really just wanted to claw my eyes out of my head. After I ate lunch (with my eyes closed the whole time...a pretty interesting feat), I took a nice 4 hour nap (I was surprised I could fall asleep given the discomfort of my eyes). When I woke-up, AHHHHH! It was like angels singing! I could see, no more pain, no more gritt...I could see (my eyes were a bit dry though). Even with that hour of uncomfortableness, I would say my Lasik surgery was well worth it. I still wake up every morning & smile because I can read the alarm's a beautiful thing.

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Tim said...

Yikes, expensive...but not really if you never have to wear glasses or contacts again for the rest of your life lol.

I've debated Lasik/Lasek before but I haven't gotten to the point where I'm really sick of glasses and/or contacts. When I do, I need to find some laser beams...that may or may not be attached to sharks.

Congrats again! I'm glad your eyes are feeling good now.