May 29, 2007

3 day weekend

Memorial Weekend 2007

3 cabins
12 adults
3 kids
1 baby
31 holes of golf
3 lost golf balls
15 mile an hour winds
81 degrees and sunny
2 trips to the outlet mall
7 new articles of clothing
2.5 miles run
1 mile walked
16 steaks, 5 lbs hamburger, 1 ham, 4 chicken breasts and a party pack of brats won (in the meat raffle)

I would say it was a pretty busy weekend! My golf game was, surprisingly, decent. The first weekend out, I usually play reasonably well...I think that's what keeps me coming back all summer long. I've learned not to let my 8-year-old cousin's (Joe) superior golf game get me down. I kid you not, this kid might be the next Tiger Woods. how many 8 year olds do you know beg to go golfing? And have been begging since they could talk?? Joe laughs that I could play an entire round of golf with only 4 clubs (4 iron, 7 iron, PW, and putter), he thinks its really funny that I tee off with my 4 iron on almost every hole. I did manage to break the BIG DOG out of my bag a couple of times, and was ecstatic to find out how well I could hit it. Perhaps I'll be working my driver into my game this summer...I guess I should start working on those other clubs, too.

when I tell people I'm headed up to the cabin for the weekend, I sometimes get an inquisitive look and a "You're spending the entire weekend with your family??"But, really I love spending time with my family (hey, twice 7 of us spent a 3 day weekend in a one-bedroom apartment...and survived both times). We all get along really well and everyone has the option to do their own thing at the cabin...pretty much whatever goes. Besides, we spend a majority of our time golfing or eating, with an occasional trip to the outlet mall...what's not to love?

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Tim said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend but 31 holes of golf? *raises one eyebrow* Did the meat raffle bring round #2 to an abrupt end? :)