October 31, 2007

Little Red Corvette

killing time surfing the net is one of my fave less-than-busy time fillers at work.
Today, my inspiration and interest was peaked by an article posted on MSN touting Prince as the king of live performances...and having seen him twice (once as guitarist, and once as a rock-my-music-worlder) I agree.

Prince is king of live performances.

After reading the opening paragraph of the article, I immediately had to hear my Very Best of Prince CD. The article opened:

"The sickest thing about Prince isn’t the overwhelming talent-to-size ratio, or even that he’s been at it for almost 30 years. It’s that he wouldn’t even have to be Prince to be famous."

the man successfully combines his stellar dance moves, charismatic personality, unbelievable voice, and ah-may-zing guitar prowess to put on a show like non other. (trust me when I say...Prince is so sexy!)

I even forced myself to stay up WAY too late a couple of weeks ago to watch the end of Purple Rain (the movie). really, where prince came from and how far he's gone...and how he still LOVES his fans and performing, is a truly amazing story.

anyway, my flash back to Purple Rain brings a smile to my face and jolts my love for music. if you ever have an opportunity to see the artist formerly known as live in concert...DO IT!

I <3 Prince!

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