November 5, 2007

you took my hand...

sometimes it's like people can read my mind. maybe i don't have a very good poker face when it comes to my emotions...maybe my best friends can see right through me...maybe i'm just an open book. whatever the case may be, i'm glad that every once in a while, when i seem to need it most, the friend-tuition kicks in. like the countless times that j has called me for no apparent reason, but it turned out to be just when i needed a distraction. or, most recently, like how k came over to watch grey's and gave me a really big hug right when she walked in the door...knowing how bad of a day i was having. it most certainly made my heart BIGGER.

there is an email forward going around about the different roles people play in our lives, telling of how friends come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. i know that all friends have something to teach us. many of the things that my friends have taught me make me a greater person...
j - be a little crazy every now and's a whole lot of fun
k - laugh really hard and enjoy the people around you
m - you have to make your own lemonade when life hands you lemons, no one else can do it for you
j - preserverance does pay off
m - some of us come into our own and find our place a little later than others
md - true love is really worth all of the risks
c - dance like no one is watching
i - self confidence can be a good thing
m - you can never have enough friends
e - friendship and kindness go a long way
t - things aren't always as they seem
n - i deserve the best
g/t - this too shall pass
s - we are all amazing

this is certainly not a complete list...but all have had a great impact on my life.

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