October 25, 2007

rocks sinking my boat

i'm out to sea, in my little one man boat. i've lost an oar and it's starting to rain. the sky is sickly grey, with big threatening clouds. the waves are growing bigger...i have a hard time seeing land.

this is how i feel lately...this is how i have felt for the past couple of months. and i know i'm not the only one feeling this way. but it gets hard...life. things become overwhelming, personal or family problems flare up, work gets busy, things become hectic. it's hard to take a deep breath sometimes. it's hard to stop and take a moment for yourself. and sometimes its really hard to feel like your life is your own.

it's these times that make the little things so important. things like calling a friend to just chat, eating brownies, laying on the couch and watching tv, reading a good book, shopping.

we all need to remember to take some time for ourselves, particularly when life gets really crazy.

luckily, i think things are starting to settle down for me...finally! mostly, work was running me right into the ground. lots of BIG projects all at once, lots of over time, and general stress and mayhem. but i get to have tomorrow off...and i plan on using it wisely (sleep and relaxation).
...i wish for blue skies...

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