November 13, 2007

shine on

let it be known - i fall exceptionally short in the music IQ category. i am seriously challenged when it comes to remembering anything beyond song lyrics (and i only get those right some of the time). a few weeks ago, c was astonished at my lapse in musical knowledge, something that reared its ugly head 3 times in one night. finally, the third time around she proclaimed "but you're real smart in other areas where the rest of us falter." it was sweet of her to try to make me feel better...however, my response was "yes, if anything cooking-related ever comes up in conversation, i'm all over it!" k tries to broaden my music horizons with cds and concerts...and i certainly enjoy these things. the trouble is...there is very little i don't like. i'm not very discriminating in my musical selections from 80's cult classics to the hip hop top 100, i like most of what i hear. i guess my ears aren't really trained for high-end music listening. but i'm a pro in the kitchen (not to toot my own horn...toot-toot).
i guess my problem isn't so much that i like a lot of different (and i admit, some of it is BAD) music, but more so i struggle with my very limited music knowledge. i'm often embarassed when someone asks me who sings a song or any other information related to the song. I HAVE NO IDEA. i've even faltered on famous Beatles, The Who, and Simon and Garfunkle songs (i'm kinda pathetic in the music realm). i just can't seem to make myself remember music-related information. but recipes and cooking tips, those i can remember without trouble.
i guess my brain is geared towards food and good cooking... that's my area to shine. so here i am...shining on.


willikat said...

we giggle because we think it's cute. don't be embarassed. you can also hit a softball with a bat. i can't. and i won't even try.

Tim said...

Yeah, don't feel bad. I have a knack for remembering the most random actor/actress/movie/music/sports information but yet I forget simple, more important things sometimes. I bet you have a vast knowledge of fashion/design/sports/cooking-related stuff, so there's no reason to feel bad. You just know different stuff! If everyone knew the same stuff, life would be pretty bland.

Kate said...

Hi Angie! You are not alone. My coworkers have recently started a little educational program called "Kate's Song of the Day," in which they play me something enormously popular on iTunes and then laugh when I don't know what it is.