December 28, 2007

Top 10 New Year Resolutions

I stole this list from am making it my list of resolutions for 2008. perhaps i should add resoltion #11: don't be so damn lazy (stealing resolutions from the internet...i mean, really!) please note the commentary (in purple) following each resolution (in black).

1. Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape: yes, think i will continue this resolution from last year (hopefully it goes better than it did in '07)

2. Stick to a Budget: done! am spread-sheet geek, accounting for every penny spent. (wow, i sound like a total nerd)

3. Debt Reduction: finito. am actually suze orman's protege already.

4. Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends: yes, this is a good one. too bad half my family lives out of state during the winter months (hmm, should i take that personally???)

5. Find My Soul Mate: (do people make this resolution and suddenly, come the first of the year, they are out mate-hunting? sounds like a contact sport!)

5. (revised #5 resolution): hone my skills (first, must find something that i'm skilled at).

6. Quit Smoking: check. this is an easy one, since i don't smoke.

7. Find a Better Job: am happy with current job, so no need to hunt for a better one. (please do not confuse contentment with laziness, at least not in this instance)

8. Learn Something New: i could do that...i'll even make it more challenging, i'll learn 5 new things in 2008 (see, so not lazy at all!)

9. Volunteer and Help Others: was doing that in 2007, but tutee's baby brother was born, hopefully she'll call back, i miss my weekly reading sessions.

10. Get Organized: HA! if clipboard (that's me) were any more organized i would certainly lose all of my friends by driving them absolutely crazy!

11. Don't be lazy, like when i steal my new year resolutions from a website and half of them don't apply.

I'm sure I'll post more before New Years (ya never know though, my laziness might set in, or i might be stuck to the tv), but just in case... HAPPY NEW YEAR all. Best Wishes for a happy & prosperous 2008!

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