January 3, 2008

basketball...that's right, i said: basketball

i encountered fame last night! let me start at the beginning...
yesterday afternoon, i got a last-minute invitation to the timberwolves game. basketball is not my sport of choice, but i was enticed to go. our seats were pretty good - 10th row on the end. the game started 30 minutes late (some problem with the floor), which allowed for good people watching. it always amazes me how excited people get over the free t-shirts that are thrown into the crowd during sports events. mostly, we watched the t-shirt crazed fans while waiting for the game to start. sitting that close to the floor gives some good perspective for just how tall basketball players really are. as we watched some of the team shooting around, we guessed how tall the players were and which ones would start. the shortest player on the wolves roster stands at 6'0" ...and he looks like a midget out there! unreal! i'd look like a smurf next to these guys, well, despite the fact that i'm not blue. anyway, sorry, odd tangent.
the game was decent (i think), although the t-wolves lost by 15. i still had a good time, laughing and asking crazy basketball questions. my tolerance for the sport is higher than it was prior to yesterday. our two person consensus was that basketball would be much more enjoyable if there weren't SO many fouls (i swear, sometimes the guy didn't even touch the shooter and they called a foul) also, we could do with about 1/8 the number of time-outs. i swear each team gets about 20 time outs per half!
but you're all still wondering about my brush with fame last night, aren't you?!?! AREN'T YOU??? late in the 4th quarter, i was watching the game, clapping for the few baskets that the wolves were scoring when he made his way over to me. he slapped hands with a few other patrons and walked right up to me, putting his knuckles out. and it happened...i gave respect knuckles to Crunch (you know, the mascot for the timberwolves). = ) yep - that was my encounter with fame last night.
R laughed at me and said he would have left crunch hanging. i said i was pretty excited that i got to meet crunch and that i was going to tell all of my friends about it. that got another laugh.
the real excitement came at the end of the night...when i didn't know which ramp i parked in. awesome! turns out, that you need to know the street name of the ramp, not just what color it is (note to self on that one!). we wandered about, semi-aimlessly for a bit through the skyway, until i realized that we had gone a few blocks in the wrong direction. ooops. the best option was to go down to street-level and make our way back to the ramp outside (i do better actually being able to see the streets). it was a cold 3-block walk back to the car, through construction, mind you. but we made it, and i was only mildly embarrassed for losing my car. but it was a fun night...of basketball.

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