February 26, 2008

celebrity soul mate

on MSNBC.com this morning, they had a "find your celebrity soul mate quiz" so, naturally i took the quiz. my first match was patrick dempsey, not a bad pick for my first celebrity hubby. but, out of curiousity i took the quiz again. my second go-round proved much more accurate. i was paired up with my all-time fave, had a crush on for over a decade, always laugh when i see him: will smith.
i think my life is now complete! (well, ok, how about the first 26 years of my life are now complete?!)

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doahleigh said...

Ok the first time I got George Clooney who I cannot stand at all. So obviously I did it again. This time? Brad Pitt, which of course is completely accurate because I've always believed we shared a special connection.