February 25, 2008

miss fixit

hi kids. i hope everyone had a nice weekend. mine was good, although very busy.
friday night, r & i went to the gopher hockey game...they beat wisconsin 4-2, it was a really good game! afterwards we met up with some of his co-workers downtown. very fun night, plenty of drinks (i even took 3 jag-bombs, and if you know me, i don't like jag-bombs). saturday was pretty hectic. first, i had to drive all over the metro area, i spent the first hour+ of my day driving. i had to be at my sister's by 9 to watch my nephew (9 was WAY too early on saturday morning). luckily, my nephew was pretty tired and took a nice, long nap...which meant auntie angie got a little snooze in as well. after babysitting, i raced down to get my hair cut. after which i ran home and worked for an hour, went to the Y to run, and came home to eat and get ready for the night. phew! i met up with some college friends at william's in uptown. good times. we ran into some other college friends, totally by chance. it was great to see 1 of the 3 people we ran into (1 of the other guys was fine, i just didn't really know him in college) the third guy was pretty much a jerk (not surprising, he was in college too). it was great to catch-up and such, anyway. r & his friend met up with us later as well. i played big buck hunter for the second night in a row, and i guess being less drunk improves my shooting abilities (note to self on that one!). another fun, but late night. sunday was a bit more relaxed. i slept in (something i rarely do), worked some (i am ahead of schedule, so i don't have to work too much this week), ran outside in the gorgeous weather. then i ran to target, which brings me to my post title. garage door = no closing. boooo! this same thing happened about a year ago - the garage door would randomly not close, or would open for no apparent reason. it hasn't happened in a long time. but yestreday, i could not get the garage door to shut, not even manually. ARGGGHHH! i was so annoyed & frustrated. i called my brother-in-law twice and my dad. neither had much of an idea to help me. as i climbed up on my stool to mess with the garage door openers settings, i thought about how great it would be to have a boy in my life, who i could bat my eyes at and intice to help me (yep, he would be all macho & try to save the day...and yes, this is against my independent-girlness, but i just wanted the garage door fixed). i finally figured out that one of the wheels on the door was totally rusted. ah! the rust is creating too much friction and the door goes back up because it thinks something is wrong. i managed to manually yank the garage door shut, drove up to home depot and bought some silicone spray. wouldn't ya know...that took care of the problem. presto, garage door is back in full-functioning order. YAY! i fixed the garage door, all by myself! despite the frustration of spending an hour screwing around with the garage door, i am pretty proud of myself for figuring out the problem and fixing it. (I rule!)


doahleigh said...

I'm likin' the new font size!

Stacy said...

You GO GIRL! That's an awesome story :)