February 24, 2008

movie quiz answers

  1. pond, pond would be good for you. - Caddyshack
  2. pivot. PIVOT. - Friends
  3. I like you Betty. It's Danny, sir. - Caddyshack
  4. say hello to my little friend. - Scarface
  5. shit twice and die. - 16 Candles
  6. well, what are you waiting for? i don't know, somethin' great, i guess. - The Incredibles
  7. no, no, no, lie down before you hurt yourself. - Lion King
  8. 10,000 years can give you such a crick in the neck. - Aladdin
  9. Uh, whose car is that out front? Mine. 1970 Pontiac Firebird. The car I've always wanted and now I have it. I rule! - American Beauty
  10. of all the gin joints in all of the world, she had to walk into mine. - Casablanca
  11. i looked for love, and i didn't find it. but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist - Under the Tuscan Sun
  12. dr rosen. dr rosen-rosen. dr rosen-rosen-rosen. - Fletch
  13. let's kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy. - Independence Day
  14. wouldn't be any fun if they just fell over with their legs in the air. - Cocktail
  15. have you ever woken up next to someone, where you would rather chew your own arm off than wake them up? - Coyote Ugly

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