April 14, 2008

quack quack

i had the extreme pleasure of going to the zoo with my 20 month old nephew yesterday. he's my little buddy, and despite being exhausted by the end of the day, we were both very well behaved.
we held hands as we walked through the animal exhibits, pointing at each thing and mimicking the sound it makes.
nephew's favorite exhibit was the fish. he was in total awe of the brilliant colors, the array of shapes and sizes (some bigger than his head). he loved that he could push his nose up to the glass and stare inside the tank. i giggled when nephew shouted out an empathic "WOW!" at the beautiful fish.
we later headed out to the barn area, where the farm babies were. nephew was very excited to see all the animals he so frequently reads about. he baaa'd at the sheep, who happily baaa'd back. he petted a 3 week old goat. he quacked at the chickens...to him, they are the same as ducks. and he shouted a very loud "MOOOO!" at the lazy cows. the cows still refused to move, or do anything. so nephew shouted another loud "MOOOOO!" at the cows, still no response. we watched them drink some water, and otherwise stand around before we headed off to see other animals.
we finished off our trip at the zoo and headed home for a nap. what a fun adventure! i'm glad my sister and brother-in-law snapped lots of photos.
nephew has gotten very good at saying my name, as well. now, he calls my name when he wants my attention. he'll shout out AN-CHEE and when i look at him, he says "i see you." he'll pull on my hand to come watch him go down the slide. AN-CHEE, he says handing me a hockey stick (the little plastic kind) when he wants to play. his mom and dad think it's really funny when he continuously calls out my name, because usually it's mommy and daddy who are being called upon. i asked my sister if he says my name all week long, or if it's just a sunday thing (since that's when i usually see him), she said "it's just a sunday thing." that's ok, i enjoy my sundays of AN-CHEE requests.


willikat said...

omg. cuuuuuute!

Stacy said...

He's totally the cutest little boy under the age of 2! It looks like you guys had a blast! Yay spring FINALLY ARRIVING!!!