April 4, 2008

everybody's working for the weekend

it's friday, and i don't really want to work. i know, i'm such a unique individual. in my state of procrastination (because i really have a lot to get done today), i figured i'd post a randomness blog. and here it is!
  1. softball starts on wednesday! i'm really looking forward to the weekly drinking get-togethers with my friends and being outside playing with them (playing softball, c'mon guys).
  2. this past wednesday we had our softball pre-season warm-up. pretty much we had chicken nachos and pizza and beer at our favorite bar (which is conveniently located near the softball fields...which came first - the sponsorship or our favorite bar?) it was a good night of laughter and friends.
  3. i often wonder if people find me funny (because i find myself funny)...particularly on my blog, where i have NO idea what your reactions are (this is my passive-aggressive attempt at asking for comments...DO IT!)
  4. question of the week: if you could have any job, regardless of semantics (any semantics), what would you do? why?
  5. i've been spending far too much time home alone lately, so i don't have much interesting going on. sorry, i'll do better. i mean, this week i: cleaned the carpet, cleaned the chair, spent 2 hours at barnes and noble, ate ice cream, went to the batting cages, made dinner, ran at the Y...and that was just Tuesday (ok, just kidding).
  6. on many occasions friends and relatives have commented about my high energy level (things like energizer bunny and energy ball and crazy-girl ...which may be something different...have all been used to describe me). earlier this week, i tried to blog about it, but the only relatively-close description i can come up with is: non-stop bouncing superball. (more on that later)
  7. i swear, i don't have ADD. i just run on sensory overload. all. the. time.
  8. the days this week went exceptionally quickly. it's already friday! i'm very excited about it being the weekend, but not really for a particular reason.
  9. i've been at my same job for just over 4 years now. seems like forever. but i still like it. i still don't dread getting up for work (except on mondays, but that doesn't really count 'cause it's monday).
  10. i'm totally super tempermental about my hair-do (if you know me in real life, you know this). i cut it short about 3 months ago and am contemplating going boy-short. GASP! so, here is a picture of me now (it was an ok hair day...not super fond of my hair days as of late) and here is what i'm thinking of (sorry, i can't find a better pic). thoughts???
  11. is it odd to anyone else that "mental" is a key part of the word "tempermental"? hmm, curious.
  12. WTF, Ben posted 11 points today...I beat you Dr. Ben : )
  13. cheers & happy weekend all!


Ben said...

0) Ok, for some reason your numbered list is no longer numbered over on the left as I type these comments... Call the FOAM Tech Support.

1,2) Your gang always has so much fun with softball, don't they? I like to think of myself as being in your farm system down here. If I ever move back up to MN, think I'd have a shot at the bigs? Now that Timmy's retired, there's gotta be an open roster spot.

3) (commenting in progress)

6) Do not taunt non-stop bouncing superball.

12) I have clearly met my blogging match. You are a worthy opponent. I'll have to step up next time.

ang said...

we do like to promote players through our farm system, that's what it's there for. however, you will still have to go through the rigorous tryout process. and, of course there's the hazing period (for players and fans). but, hey, if you move to MN, we'll see what we can do : )

Stacy said...

If you could bring yourself to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8, I think you might like Kate's haircut...just a thought, and a darn good reason to turn you onto that show!!! :D

doahleigh said...

Wow you're hair is so cute! I've only ever seen the one in your user pic, so I didn't know you had a cute short do.

It's still hard to tell though, from the small photo, what a short short cut would look like. BIGGER! PHOTO! YAY!