April 7, 2008

let's talk about...

nope, not sex. let's talk about talk.
communication and relating to people is key in anyone's life.
these two things have been very evident in my life the past few weeks. with lots of things going on in everyone's life, we've done a lot of talking. we've done a lot of sharing, we've done a lot of concerning and debating. we've fretted over those who weren't talking. ha, we've talked about not talking.
every person in my life serves their own function. those functions change and morph over time. some of them, like my longest-term friend, who i rarely see, but could call at any time for any reason and know that she'd be right by my side, those friendships never change. there are also those friendships that seem to transcend time and space. like j, who is in central america, but still is available for the biggest life-events, even thousands of miles away. we all need people that we can count on when the big stuff comes along. but we also need people to count on for the day-to-day stuff.
of course, with anything, relationships of all kinds take maintenance. we have to put forth the effort to email or call, to get together, to ask how the everyday life things are going. it's the relating of life that make us feel connected. people have an inherent desire to be a part of something. to be desired, remembered in some way. it gives us purpose beyond being a cog or a worker bee. try not to let work get in the way of having a life. remember to talk with your friends, to laugh and get together. remember each other, it's important.

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