April 9, 2008

painted nails

i find it funny how surprised people, mostly men, are when they hear that i play 3rd base on a co-ed softball team. an emphatic "Really?" is the usual reply. yes, i say...really.
i'm not sure if it's me, as a person, or me, as a girl, that they are surprised to hear plays 3rd base.

if it's me, as a girl...i would like to point out that girls are capable of being amazing athletes. our bodies may not be built for the strength and endurance tests that male bodies are constructed for, but we still posses the capability for great athletic skill. besides, playing the hot corner, is more about reflexes than strength.

if it's me, as a person...i wonder why that is? i've always been a sports-girl. i played baseball with the boys instead of playing softball in 2nd grade. i played varsity hockey for 5 years, and varsity softball for 4. i quit soccer to be our football team's student trainer. if it weren't for clinical work with old people (no offense old people...or clinical work) i would have gone into kineseology (sports medicine). i've grown-up sports, i live sports. although not a total "tom boy" i've always been able to hold my own against the boys. perhaps its the painted nails and accessories that give the impression i'm a girly-girl. makes me wonder if my fashionable exterior is a facade, hiding my sporty-interior. i know i'm both, but maybe people don't see that.

i think of myself as a good balance, kinda like the salted nut roll: salty and sweet. i'm sporty and girly. believe me, if i'm at the bar and the hockey game is on, i want to know the score. i quote movies like caddyshack and the godfather "leave the gun, take the cannoli," but i look good doing it.


willikat said...

rock on. the world needs strong, beautiful women. and there's nothing wrong with being both!

Stacy said...

I think most people are suprised that most of the girls on our team play. Even though its only co-rec softball..it can still be pretty brutal! Yay for painting our nails AND being able to throw a softball :)

doahleigh said...

Wait, is the salty or the sweet part your girly side? I'd say the "boyish" side is salty because nuts are salty and boys have nuts.

Ben said...

I can't say it any better than doahleigh, but I did want to question the 'salted nut roll' analogy. You might want to work on that one. Otherwise, uh... "you go, girl." :)