April 30, 2008

a little help from my friends

(i contemplated whether or not i should write this post, but then threw caution to the wind.)
i met a guy at a bar a few weeks ago. after some text exchanges (i really hate texting back and forth) and a few short phone conversations, a friend and i met up with him and his buddy downtown last weekend. although sober, i was surrounded by heavy drunkenness. the night went from singing, dancing, general merriment to staggering drunkards. at one point, the boy i'd met pinned my arms behind me. i don't know if he thought dominating over me was some kind of turn on. it certainly wasn't. i was uncomfortable, and wriggled free. i then kept myself facing him. although he never did anything that was actually harmful to me (i would've had to go juijitsu on his ass), he did cross that imaginary line into inappropriateness. he even grabbed the back of my jeans (at my belt), until i finally grabbed his hand, bending his finger backwards and said "do it again, and i'll break it" (with a menacing smile on my face, of course). i guess he got the message. i do not qualify this night out as a date, not by any stretch of the imagination. but, it illustrates the trials and tribulations...and strange people...that comes with dating. it also makes me more aware of the crazies out there, less impressed by people, and more daunted by the dating world.
in an attempt to avoid all crazies in the future, but still seek out someone worth my time, i've decided to recruit the help of my friends. i've asked friends if they know of any good guys. we'll see what happens. i figure, at least those guys come with some kind of character reference.


doahleigh said...

Well good for you for not taking shit from a bastard!

Here's to hoping that's your last encounter with a jerk.

the kilipino said...

you should have broken his finger!!