April 11, 2008

toga, toga, toga

with a mountain of work piled up at home, i settled in front of the computer last night for a few hours. as my fingers clicked against the keyboard, mindlessly working through spreadsheets, i watched NBC's thursday night line-up. 30 Rock is hilarious! tina fey just might be my new hero, and i'm totally adopting "you can eat my poo" as my new motto. ok, maybe not a motto, but i'm totally using it when appropriate. the office came back with a vengance of hilarity! last night's episode was especially funny because i, myself, felt uncomfortable and cringed in response to michael and jan. the actors did a fantastic job of making it real-life. i must say being stuck in the middle of an overly-loving couple who turns to fighting is probably one of the most uncomfortable situations a person can be in. like the halloween night i got stuck sitting in the car (as the sober cab) with one of my college roommates and her boyfriend who were in the midst of an all-out, gloves-off blowout fight. yeah, that was awesome! note to self: never think flirting with every guy you see is good revenge for your boyfriend talking to his ex that he happened to run into while you were in the bathroom. (it was a legit run-in, i saw it) we sat in the car for 15 minutes while they argued about staying or leaving. i finally drove us home and immediately left the house to be anywhere else. i'm not bitter that they ruined my night or anything. it was only 5 years ago. but what did i expect from a pre-madonna? it really didn't surprise me, when 3 years later she became BRIDEZILLA. wow! ladies, let me warn you: nothing will turn your friends off from you faster than you becoming the nazi-bride. making demands and stipulations on your bridesmaids (who are spending hundreds of dollars to stand up for you) is not a good plan. don't demand that they all get their dresses altered at the same place. don't force them all to have their hair, make-up, and toenails done at the same place either. and for goodness sake, don't be a biznatch! yes, it's your wedding day...but the sun does not rise and set for you. luckily, i managed to get myself demoted from bridezilla's wedding. guess i wasn't playing by her rules (that's a whole nother, long blog/story in itself). a mutual friend was in the wedding though, and the whole event cost her well over $500! i could go on-and-on about this, but i fear i'm boring you readers. the moral of my post is: pick your fights, don't be a bitch, and fight in privacy. 'cause the "let's make our friends really uncomfortable" game is not fun for anyone.

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willikat said...

ooooh, sure isn't. also, i join your crush on tina fey.