May 5, 2008


I'm not really sure what to write about today. over the weekend i did a lot of things, most of them probably rather mundane to my readers. there was shopping, cleaning, working, movie-watching, and sporting events.
Saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Friday night - quite funny! (I don't want to say hilarious, because too-hyped comedies tend to be a let-down). I really enjoyed it, though. There were definite awkward moments, in true Apatow form. I love the cringing moments of his movies.
I made some fabulous scores shopping over the weekend. (and I so LOVE bargains.) I bought some summer clothes, a new suite (for about $30), and a much needed (to be hot and fabulous) summer-wedding dress.
Saturday night, we surprised my parents with Twins tickets. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew and I took my parents to the Twins game. They were very surprised (perhaps because we finalized our plans the night before, so our chance of spilling the beans was very limited). It was a really great game. My 21 month old nephew loved it, and was amazingly well-behaved! he cheered and clapped his hands. He learned how to say Cuddy and would repeat Go Joe. Some of the drunken patrons sitting around us asked him for high-five and commented on how cool of a kid he was. It was pretty entertaining to watch nephew get so excited, and to see how big of a hit he was.
i don't have too much else to tell you guys...kinda a boring post, sorry. i'm hoping my fellow minnesotans were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine a's been a long-time coming! hope everyone, near and far, had a great weekend.

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