May 6, 2008

middle of the road

lately, i've been in pretty good spirits. life seems to be moving along rather well, no major bumps in the road. nothing super exciting has happened or been going on, but overall things are just fine. and i'm more than happy to not rock that boat.
i'm kind of at a loss for what to write about, though. with nothing really great or bad happening in life, it makes me seem kinda dull. (of course, my dedicated readers are well aware that i am far from dull! right? right.)
well, here's a kinda funny story that happened to me recently.
I got onto the elevator with 2 maintenance workers. I said Hello and asked how their day was. Worker 1: Good. Did you just get coffee? Me: No. Worker 1: Are you going to get coffee? Me: No. The bathroom is on the 7th floor, it's kinda a hike. Worker 2: Dude, stop asking her what she's doing. Worker 1: But, SHE started talking! (in a very whiney, "but, Mom" kinda voice) then the two workers got off the elevator. All of this happened between 1st & 2nd floor...and I laughed all the way up to 7th.

if you have any blogging topics you'd like me to write about, let me know. I could use a bit of blogging inspiration.
Hope you readers are all having a lovely day!

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Miranda and/or Scott said...

Those of us in Sweden would love to hear weekly updates on your might even be inspirational :) And post-softball recaps and post-bar stories are always fun to hear. Joke of the day, perhaps?? Love ya.