May 6, 2008

run with me

m posed the challenge to me a few weeks ago. she said: let's see if we both can get healthy and running, again. she mentioned how she'd really like to do another half marathon (that would be my far i've only run 3 5ks). we've made a date to keep running and training to some day run those 13 miles. this new challenge is inspiring to me. i'm going to try my best.
as you readers know, i've been struggling with side-stitches. my doctor said it's likely that i have exercise induced asthma. now, with my inhaler, i'm armed for better running. i've gone on 3 runs since, each showing some improvement, but it's a very slow start.
run1: 1 mile, fastest mile (by about 2 minutes) in much too long (probably since high school). i was completely out of breath by the end, but my legs still felt strong, no side ache and i felt accomplished.
run 2 & 3: 1.25 miles (each) a slightly slower pace, but still much faster than i had been going. although still very out of breath at the end, i felt i recovered more quickly.
I'm hoping that with continued running and improvement, i can increase my distance and continue to work on my time. as requested by my artificial-swedener friends i'll try to keep you kids updated on my running progress (without boring you).
so far this month: 3.5 miles

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