June 2, 2008

actually, it's not about the shoes

it's about the amazing women.
over the weekend 5 girlfriends & i set out to see the sex and the city movie. with all the hype and vast number of previews, i was a bit leery that i already knew too much about the movie. we met at jane's house and had to wait out some inclement weather, before heading off to a new restaurant for dinner. all week i'd been looking forward to a night with the girls. we ordered a couple of bottles of wine and chatted our way through dinner, laughing, giggling and animatedly discussing all kinds of things (believe me, we covered a varied subject-gamut). we even watched a wall cloud tumble towards us, not resulting in anything, luckily. after dinner, we made our way to the movie theater to find out our intended show time was sold out, so we bought our tickets for a later movie. not really knowing what was near the movie theater, we walked across the parking lot to a bar. destined for more drinks and desert, we bellied up to a bar-top table and ordered our drinks. the night was very in tune with our movie choice - a group of girlfriends, enjoying a night out, each other's company, discussing girl-topics with good food and drinks. we split an amazing chocolate cobbler (i'm sure the girls can attest to its yumminess). the movie was a success. not to give anything away or hype it even further, but we all walked away feeling satisfied, and rather chatty about what happened. ('nough said about a movie some readers might be wanting to see.) i just have to say, that was a super fun night out. i'm very happy to have found such a great group of friends...friends who can discuss pretty much any topic, enjoy each other's company and eat fabulous food (one friend commented how happy she was the rest of us enjoyed eating as much as she does), and of course have lots of fun doing anything!


Miz said...

Amen Sistah! It was a fantastic idea and a fabulous night out!!! :)

willikat said...

aw, i missed it!