June 13, 2008

get through the day

some days i have to find my own entertainment at work. in the creative field, the amount of work i have to do can vary greatly from day to day (sometimes even from hour to hour), it just depends on when clients respond and how quickly they need things back. working in a small office has great advantages, like being involved in lots of different aspects. however, there are days when it's just way too quiet here. days when you could hear a pin hit the thin industrial carpeting. particularly when these days are slow, i need some entertainment. being that i work in such a small office, we don't have our own bathrooms in our suite. well, we don't even have a bathroom on our floor. it's either walk down the hallway and down to the sub-basement to the dingy (and sometimes homeless-person attended) bathroom, or take the elevator up 7 floors to the locked (and much nicer) restroom. i choose the later. i must say, though, at least once a week it takes the elevator doors so long to open that i think "yep, i've finally gotten stuck in these elevators, which seem to have a mind of their own." i have yet to actually get stuck in an elevator, though. i swear our building is mostly empty. i mostly only see people get on/off the elevators at 1 (my floor), 2 (the skyway) and 5. so, when i venture up to 7 to use the ladies, i tend to be all alone. days when i'm tired, or in a bad mood, i find this alone time as a great opportunity to waken myself up. sometimes i dance around in the hallway. sometimes i walk funny or move all crazy-like, mostly i spin in circles, as fast as i can, until the elevator comes. then i feel dizzy and nearly fall over on my ride down. it's highly entertaining. does anyone else do anything strange when no-one's looking at work? on the long days, what do you do to keep things going?
(ok, i admit, this is NOT my best post...sorry readers, i'll do better next time.)

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doahleigh said...

I used to work at a college, so when I got bored or restless, I’d just take a walk around campus. Everyone assumed I was on important business, but I was just strolling. Now I work in a building with no levels, no hidden nooks, nowhere to hide. So sometimes when I really need to get away, I go to the bathroom. I use the larger handicap stall, and I do stretches or little exercises. Sometimes I just stand there and relish being where nobody can see me for a couple minutes. I need my alone time, and I don’t get it at work unless I hide in a bathroom stall.