June 9, 2008

hood rat, hood rat

hoochie mamas.
whoa! seriously, i'm not capable of sluttin' it up enough to go downtown. i feel like an old lady saying this, but i'm gonna write it anyway:
when did it become a rule that you either had to look like Barbie or dress like a skank to go dancing downtown? in college, our version of getting "dressed-up" (read: mildly slutty) to go out was a tank top and jeans. mostly because we'd get so hot dancing (but lived in freezing-cold Duluth). as time has progressed, jeans have become lower-rise and skirts have been introduced to my clubbin' clothes collection. but, i proudly admit that i have never given a free show while out shakin' my groove thang. that's more than i can say for a few drunken bar patrons over the weekend. i was totally appalled! where is the self-respect?! where is the "mystery"?! yeah, there is none, not when you go dancing in an ultra-ultra-mini skirt that shows the world.

sure there were many 21yo's at the bars on saturday night, but i wasn't in the minority of people my age, from what i could tell (and i was 100% sober, so i'm not hazily recalling). but, in my black shorts and halter top, there were moments when i felt too-clothed. huh? shorts & a tank and i felt like i was wearing TOO MUCH clothing? eeeks! there was a girl in a clingy-spandexy dress that ended just below her booty, who pulled it up as she danced. really? 'cause it isn't short enough yet, you wanted to reveal your hip bone, or what? seriously, i'm not going to be surprised when i see some chick in a bra and underwear!

am i really getting old and prudie (no, i didn't say prunie)...or is it inappropriate for a girl to wear a skirt so short that it just barely covers her rump while she's standing upright, and for her to dance wildly - showing off her goods?


Tim said...

1) I should go to dance clubs more often. Apparently the shows there are free...

2) I'm totally with ya. I had a similar moment Saturday night at the movies. There was a group of teenagers, 2 guys and 1 girl (sadly no pizza joint) getting concessions. The girl had on shorts that were...really, really, really short. I think the belt she was wearing was wider than her shorts were long (yeah, not really possible, just go with it).

The sad part was, the very first thing I thought of was "I can't imagine raising a teenage girl these days." I foresee waaay too many arguments involving the phrase "you are not leaving the house looking like that, young lady."

I immediately felt REALLY old.

strieges said...

I haven't seen the hip bone flash yet, but otherwise it sounds like a typical day on the Stockholm pedestrian mall.

addy said...

Yeah, this post right here? One of the reasons I don't go to bars and clubs in LA anymore! I can't stand the women who look like complete skanks with no self respect. Ugh. Gross.