August 13, 2008

lyrical distraction

many of my friends know how bad i am at knowing musical artists, song titles, genre, basically anything music-knowledge-related. well, turns out i have miss understood some music lyrics as well (shocking!). apparently songs tend to have some type of meaning or theme to them. the words in the songs generally tell some kind of story or convey some type of feeling or idea. who knew!?!?

growing up i really wasn't much of a prince fan. (who am i kidding, i wasn't much of an anyone fan, since i'm so terrible at knowing who sings a particular song.) i actually loathed the party like it's 1999 song (still don't care much for it). i do enjoy listening to music, and i really, really, really (yes, all 3 reallys are necessary) like singing along. despite my lack of musical knowledge, i know the words to a very great number of songs (well, for a non music-phyte). imagine my chagrin when i (recently) learned that afflle daffle were not the actual words to a prince song! what? seriously? what does he say then? oh... i would die for you. well, at least i was close, right?

i guess when i know the artist, i don't know the words...and vice versa. oopie. never again will i make the affle daffle mistake (except that i now have a prince cd and sometimes catch myself singing my own lyrics). i still find it funny when people ask me who sings this song. usually, i stare at them with that dear in the headlights blank stare. sometimes i joke "me." usually i'm too afraid to make my guess, 'cause i'm certain it would be SO VERY WRONG. once in a while, just for entertainment, i throw my best guess out there, 99 out of 100 times i'm shot down, with a "no, it's definitely not that person" response.

oh well, i guess i'll focus on my tv watching and, um, movie watching. haha. i'm (mostly) kidding.

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Ben said...

Hey, we've all been there. Since I know I've screwed up lyrics before, I'll hold off on making fun of you.

But... Seriously? "affle daffle"? That's classic.