August 11, 2008

Weekend Update

it was a busy weekend for me. 3 birthday parties! Friday night started off with an outdoor movie night at a friend's house. we ate delicious pizza (papa murphy's veggie delight with white sauce is amazing!), we set up our chairs in the driveway and watched 80's classics: Total Recall and Back to the Future. I went for a ride in a 1940's re-built dune buggy. Our movie watching was pleasantly interrupted by the return of a dear friend, home from Sweden for a visit. We spent the evening catching-up, chatting, laughing... It was a late night for me, but a really great one!

Saturday was fueled with work and errands. I scrambled to get everything done, in hopes for a free Sunday. I had dinner with my roommate as we watched olympic athletes show off their skills. Later, we made it to birthday party number 2 - a garden party, complete with bonfire and s'mores. Iron Chef Marshmallow was an entertaining adventure...I have to say that Alaina's Marshmallows reign supreme. It was another great night filled with laughter and good conversation between friends. I have to admit, the more time I spend with friends, the more fun I have...and the better I like them : )

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I actually slept in on Sunday. I guess my late Saturday night, and even later Friday night had caught up to me. I actually got myself out for a run, ran some errands and headed to my nephew's 2nd birthday. Little kids are just too funny. He enjoyed the giant boxes some of his toys came in just as much as he enjoyed the actual toys. The pure joy and excitement on his face was priceless as he tore into his gifts (I'm not even sure he knew what they were, but he was really excited about them). He was very proud of his train cake his mom made him, repeatedly showing it off and shouting "Chooo Chooo." A well-behaved two year old gives meaning to the phrase "Never loose your childish innocence."

The upcoming week should be a good, although busy one (story of my summer). Between hanging with friends, softball, M in town, my brother in town, and more birthday celebrations...should be a good time. That's all I've got for now kids... Hope you had a great weekend, too!

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