September 23, 2008


"Instead of teaching our young people to plan ahead, we should teach them to be surprised."

of course, most of us make plans for the future. we have goals and dreams, things we work towards. but, many times life gets in the way and changes our course. Not that we can't still reach those goals or dreams, but we may need to take a different path to get there. i was reading an article about how to develop a career yesterday. the article said that developing a career is an ongoing process. you choose a path to take, and along that path there are countless branch-off path options. if we turn down one of the side paths, we find ourselves on a new path, again with countless branch-off path options. life is a continuous series of options and opportunities. every aspect of life is like this. every day, i make a choice to get up and go to work. i make choices to go out and meet new people, to join a social group, to stay home. even the seemingly small choices of life can greatly affect our lives. i have lived through and come to appreciate that not getting what i wanted can turn out to be better than having my dreams come true. it's funny how life can surprise you, how what i thought would be best really was only a shadow of what really could be. i will continue to plan ahead, but i enjoy the surprises.
(left turn)
today i received a finished product of something i worked on a couple of weeks ago. my friend/co-worker's husband wrote and published a cd. i designed the artwork for it. i hold in my hand a finished cd case. it's pretty darn cool. the cd is christian rock. the founding ideas for the cover were the musician's. i took his idea and ran with it. here's what the cd looks like.

The Front Cover
The Back Cover

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