November 12, 2008

write it down

i'm not entirely sure all of who reads my blog. i do know some of my regular readers, only a few of which i have never met in person, but have gotten to know through the blogging world. there's something about the public-ness of my blog that holds me back, though. i don't write about really super personal stuff. despite wearing my heart on my sleeve, i'm still a somewhat private person. lately a lot of my blog post ideas have been of the uber-personal nature, and i just can't bring myself to write about them. i prefer to share those thoughts and feelings in a less electronic/detached way. the idea of a stranger reading about subjects that are sensitive to me is a little disconcerting. i struggled with even mentioning my sick family member last week. anyway, i'm not saying what's right or wrong, it's just my personal preference.

i try to present a more fun, light-hearted, and hopefully (at least occasionally) funny procrastination tool for you readers. i have never been one to get a lot of comments, but if there is anything you'd really like to know about (or for me to stop talking about), please let me know. unless you speak up, you get what i spew forth.

i have been doing more yoga lately, which is a great mid work-day exercise, because i don't have to shower and get all ready again. i found a 45 minute fitness yoga routine on comcast's on demand. the work-out completely kicked my butt. hard. i consider myself to be in decent shape (i'm no triathlete or anything, but i'm far from being a slug). i couldn't believe how hard doing stretches and slow, controlled movements was. i was glad when the routine was over, i was tired, but felt all stretched out and like i'd gotten a good workout. must've been good, because my butt and legs hurt real bad the next day.

that got me to thinking: soreness is the body's way of saying "what the hell did you do to me?" so, really, is it such a good idea to exercise? if my body is going to be angry with me after a good work out, it's like 45 minutes of torture (during the work-out), plus another day or two of continued reminder of the torture. really, i could be at happy hour with my friends, or leisurely watching tv on the couch. doesn't either option sound much nicer?

ok, so i'm mostly kidding. i actually don't get sore from exercise very often (no, not because i'm lazy, i'm just real flexible). i actually tend to get more sore from my ill-postured neck-craning while working at my computer, hmm, maybe i should just stop working. now there's an idea.

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Stacy said...

I don't think you should have to explain why you aren't posting personal stuff! Blogs don't equal the mandatory posting of personal stuff. It's just a web log. Whatever you choose to log about is completely up to you! :)

Sorry to hear about your family memeber...I hope all is well!

I <3 the burn after a workout. It makes me feel like I've actually DONE something! :)