January 6, 2009

it's a marathon, not a sprint

2009 started off well. I had some great laughs, played beer pong, sang, danced, kissed...many fun things to ring in the new year ; ) 6 days in, and things are still moving right along. I have lots to be happy about, much to be greatful for. That makes me smile.
However, somewhere deep in my heart, I hide some nagging worries. They are justified worries (unfortunately), but burried away. They are things that I can't talk about...or just don't want to. The next couple of weeks could bring some changes. As much as I'm holding this in, I'm hoarding some of the good stuff too. I guess I'm trying to balance things out a little.
In other news, my company downsized last week. Our receptionist was let go. Our small 6 person office, is down to 5. Economists are predicting a continued decline. Obama is talking of tax breaks. The uncertainty and teetering make me ill. I've dropped out of school...well, I withdrew from my one class. The cost of the class is roughly a month's worth of living, that's just too expensive right now.
Does it ever seem to anyone else that when one area of life is really shapping up, somehow another area has to become rocky? That's somewhat how I feel right now.
(sorry, I know this post is majorly kryptic and vague. I've been wanting to say something, but without dispelling too much information, this is the only way I knew how.)

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