February 6, 2009


a few months ago at a work-related function, a colleague deemed me perceptive. it stuck with me.
the young man was eating a hot dog and holding a beer. i offered to change places with him, so he could set his beer on the giant box behind me (i wasn't eating and had no need to set anything down). my very simple gesture made things a little easier on him. i subconsciously took note of the situation and realized the awkwardness of eating a hot dog while holding a beer. feeling that i would not want to be in his position (albeit a minor inconvenience), i offered to trade spots.
this small act came very naturally to me, without much thought at all. i think i am a pretty perceptive person. i often consider how i would feeling in someone else's shoes. this consideration greatly impacts my actions and words sometimes. if i see you walking behind me, i'll hold the door or the elevator. if you look lost and i have a semblance of where i am, i'll ask if i can help.
i know how grateful i've been when nice gestures based on observation have come my way. and, conversely, how annoyed i am when i witness people who don't seem to notice (things that seem so obvious). i know i'm not perfect, far from it...but, i do think that being perceptive is a very great quality.

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