March 24, 2009

no more please

I try not to complain about things, mostly because I know that things could always be worse...and that things really aren't that bad. (of course, I'm not perfect) I'm going to break the rules for a moment, and tell you about my terrible painful evening. I hope that maybe someone out there, who reads this, will have some advice for me.
I felt unusually warm all day yesterday. I was practically sweating, just sitting at my desk. I could feel the heat radiating off my skin. I could also feel the pain slowly crawling up the base of my neck. Of course, I ignored it. By the time I headed home, the pain was intermittently shooting up from my shoulder, piercing into my brain. I staggered into my pajamas and downed a prescription strength pain reliever. Being upright hurt, bending over hurt worse. I wished someone would remove the ice pick that was jabbing into my head. I spent 2 hours lying on the heating pad, squirming to lessen the sharp pain. Nothing seemed to help. I laid on an ice pack, tried a hot relief. Finally I fell asleep, waking sometime in the middle of the night to realize the pain had subsided. Thankfully. This morning, I feel the same nagging ache in my shoulders and neck creeping back up.
This is my second migraine in a month. Last time I threw-up, violently. This time, I was just naseuas. I've been to a chiropractor, he does help. But, I want to know how to avoid getting migraines. Last night kinda sucked. I guess maybe I should call my doctor. I know that I get these headaches from tension in my neck and shoulders. I've tried everything I can think of to prevent them. Any ideas, readers?
(sorry for the whining, kids. I'll be more chipper next post, I promise.)

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doahleigh said...

I get a lot of headaches, but not migraines. I wish I had advice, but the best I can do is send you anti-migraine vibes.

Is it working?