March 26, 2010

Imagine it...

cell phones working over the internet?? Wha'?
Yeah, there's a new iphone ap that allows calls over the internet, kinda like skype. It's "free" (for a $15/month fee) for unlimited calling, no minute restrictions. Basically this ap works as a second line feature, second phone number. But, the possibility of internet-based cell phones? WOW! I can't even imagine. Just think: a world where we don't pay $50+ a month for cell phones! Can you imagine?!?! I can't, but I'm trying really hard. What would I do with that extra $80 a month? Ah, the possibilities.
In my ideal world (inside my head) I picture buying a cell phone, paying a nominal monthly fee for internet access (say $20/month) and having unlimited internet access and phone talk-time. Oh, and the sky in that world is purple. Well, a girl can dream, can't she?
I do think that the cell phone industry is a huge racket. Charging for minute overages, text messages, unused minutes, and so on. Not to mention that basic plans are becoming more and more expensive, and so are the phones. It's expensive. Maybe, someday, it'll be internet-based AND affordable.
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