December 9, 2010

so delicious

I LOVE to cook.
Lately I've been in a major cooking mood. Maybe it's the cold weather keeping me indoors more, or the need for comfort food. I don't know, but it's sure delicious.
Recently, MG and I have made
turkey lettuce roll-ups, Asian style
beer cheese broccoli cauliflower soup
shrimp pasta with Old Bay seasoning, a little nod to our east coast friends
peanut butter vegetable soup - don't knock it until you've tried it, it's delicious
among other things, those are just the honorable mentions

The real MVP, and what I'm most proud of, is my recipe-mashing success at breakfast bars!
For weeks, I'd been wanting to make those white dark chocolate blueberry ginger cookies. Once I finally made them, I was obsessed! For about 2 weeks, I thought and thought, and thought some more. How could I transform these amazing cookies into some kind of breakfast bars?
The recipe was already healthy and actually made for a pretty hardy cookie. I wanted to expand on that.
So, I googled the internet, I scoured my cookbooks, I thought some more.
Finally, I had the guidance I thought I needed.
I essentially wrote a recipe using 2 different recipes as guidelines.
I was nervous, and excited. I've made my own recipes and altered recipes for regular cooking without worry. But, this was baking. So much more complicated. They could turn out hard, too dense, chalky, crumbly, just plain gross. So, fingers crossed, I went to work, adjusting my recipe slightly based on the consistency of the dough.
Voila! Success!
The breakfast bars came out of the oven and looked delicious.
Unfortunately, I had to run out for plans before I could try one. Once I finally tasted one, I was immensely joyed with the product. MG really likes them, too. They are kind of like cookie bars, but they are healthy & have goodies like oats & wheat germ for extra nutritional value. I've been eating them before working out in the morning and they tide me over for hours (but I don't feel pukey-full while working out).
MG suggested I submit them to a recipe contest, I think I shall. Therefore, I cannot post the recipe online yet (contest rules). So, maybe some day. But, if you're interested, let me know & I'll tell you how I made them :)
For now, I'm tooting my own horn, because I'm very proud of my baking success.
Tooot Tooot!

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